Fantastic Mr Fox Storybook Roald Dahl

ISBN: 9780594035817

Published: October 5th 2010


32 pages


Fantastic Mr Fox Storybook  by  Roald Dahl

Fantastic Mr Fox Storybook by Roald Dahl
October 5th 2010 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 32 pages | ISBN: 9780594035817 | 8.26 Mb

This was a fantastic book. As I read it, at times it kept me on the edge of my seat and turning the pages faster and faster to see what was going to happen, other times it made me laugh out loud. I think this would be a great book to read to kids for fun reading.This book is about a fox and his family who live on a hill above the valley in a hole under a tree. Everyday Mr. Fox would steal food from the three farmers, Bunce, Bean, and Boggis. Until one night the three farmers who were extremely mean decided they were sick of the fox stealing food from their farms, and they decided to go to his hole and shoot him.

Unfortunately one night they got his tail and found his hole. This caused trouble not only for Mr. Fox and his family, but for everyone else who lived in this hole. The farmers waited day and night digging to find Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox and his family had dug in another direction where they ran into many other starving animals who were disturbed by the three farmers. Mr. Fox and Badger dug a little more and found there way into Boggis’s Chicken House Number One, Bean’s Cider Cellar, and Bunce’s Mighty Storehouse.

Together Mr. Fox and his family along with Badger and everyone else had a feast and chose build a village together and live like this forever.

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